Anchiornis Pictures

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Photo: Matt Martyniuk via Wikipedia CC BY 3.0

Anchiornis in white background.

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Photo: Falconexk123 via Dinopedia Fandom

Anchiornis covered in feathers.

Anchiornis covered in feathers
Photo: The dragnor via Dinopedia Fandom

Two Anchiornis fighting for territory.

Photo: Dinosaurs20 via Dinopedia Fandom

Art depiction of Anchiornis with contour feathers.

Can it fly? Hmmm...
Photo: Hammerbro123 via Dinopedia Fandom

Can it fly? Hmmm…

Anchiornis feedings its young
Photo: Savage Almond via Dinopedia Fandom

Anchiornis feeding its young.

Photo: Animalman57 Jurassic Park Fandom

Anchiornis flying.

Digital pencil drawing of Anchiornis
Photo: Nobu Tamura via Wikipedia CC BY 3.0

Digital pencil drawing of Anchiornis.

Illustration of the basal troodontid Anchiornis huxleyi
Photo: Matt Martyniuk via Wikimedia Commons

Illustration of the basal troodontid Anchiornis huxleyi.

A new depiction of Anchiornis and its contour feather
Photo: Rebecca Gelernter via Archaeology Wiki

A new depiction of Anchiornis and its contour feather.

Anchiornis in black feathers.
Photo: anateeee via Zt2 Download Library Wiki

Anchiornis in black feathers.

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