Abelisaurus Pictures

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Abelisaurus pictures
Photo: Elenarts108 via Getty Images

Abelisaurus dinosaur walking in the mountain among pine trees by cloudy day – 3D render

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Gage Beasley Prehistoric’s Abelisaurus Size Comparison Chart

Abelisaurus pictures
Photo: Elenarts108 via Getty Images

Abelosaurus dinosaur running isolated in white background – 3D render

Abelisaurus pictures
Photo: e71lena via Getty Images

3D illustration abelisaurus dinosaurs against the background of the Mesozoic Forest

Abelisaurus pictures
Photo: Eco727 via Deviant Art

PH: Abelisaurus

Photo: PaleoPortfolio via Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Artist’s restoration of the Abelisaurus

Photo: CoreyFord via Getty Images

Abelisaurus was a carnivorous theropod dinosaur that lived in the Cretaceous Period of Argentina.

Photo: Warpaintcobra via Getty Images

A large prehistoric carnivore called abelisaurus

Photo: CoreyFord via Getty Images

Abelisaurus theropod dinosaurs hunt for their next prey as three Zhejiangopterus reptile birds follow them.

Photo: PaleoAeolos via Deviant Art

Neuquensaurus vs Abelisaurus

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