Pentaceratops Pictures

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3D illustration of Pentaceratops
3D illustration of Pentaceratops – MR1805 via Istock

Pentaceratops had a sturdy and robust body with a broad skull. It would have made a formidable opponent.

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Gage Beasley Prehistoric's Pentaceratops Concept
Gage Beasley Prehistoric’s Pentaceratops Concept

Do you think this dinosaur was more impressive than Triceratops? Let us know below!

Pentaceratops 3D Illustration
Pentaceratops 3D Illustration – CoreyFord via Istock

We’ll likely never know their true color, but this concept is impressive.

Bistahieversor sealeyi hunting Pentaceratops sternbergii
Bistahieversor sealeyi hunting Pentaceratops sternbergii – ABelov2014 – License

Do the Bistahieversors know who they’re about to mess with?

3D illustration of 2 Pentaceratops looking for food – MR1805 via Istock

Those big bodies need a lot of fuel!

Pentaceratops possessed an impressive head ornament
Pentaceratops possessed an impressive head ornament – Kitti Kahotong via iStock

Would a predator still have attacked after seeing this pose!?

Arugably the most impressive head in the dinosaur kingdom
Arguably the most impressive head in the dinosaur kingdom – MR1805 via Istock

Do you think this dinosaur had the most impressive head? Let us know in the comments!

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