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Tyrannotitan 3D Illustration
Photo: CoreyFord via iStock

Tyrannotitan, meaning “tyrant titan,” was a large theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period.

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Gage Beasley Prehistoric's Tyrannotitan Concept
Gage Beasley Prehistoric’s Tyrannotitan Concept

It is estimated to have measured around 40 to 46 feet (12 to 14 meters) in length and weighed approximately 6 to 7 tons.

Tyrannotitan walking 3D render
Photo: Elenarts108 via iStock

Tyrannotitan had a robust build with powerful hind limbs and short, strong arms.

Tyrannotitan in-stride
Photo: CoreyFord via iStock

It belongs to the family Carcharodontosauridae, which includes other large theropods like Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus.

3D illustration of Tyrannotitan enjoying the lush environment
Photo: MR1805 via iStock

It may have possessed a keen sense of smell and sharp vision, aiding in locating and tracking its prey.

Tyrannotitan in pursuit of a hadrosaur
Photo: MR1805 via iStock

As a carnivorous predator, Tyrannotitan likely hunted and preyed upon other dinosaurs and large herbivorous creatures.

Three tyrannotitans attacking an Argentinosaurus
Photo: Elenarts108 via iStock

It lived during a time when dinosaurs were flourishing, alongside other iconic species such as Argentinosaurus and Mapusaurus.

Tyrannotitans with their young - CoreyFord via Istock
Photo: CoreyFord via iStock

Like other theropods, Tyrannotitan may have had feathers or feather-like structures, providing insulation or display purposes.

Tyrannotitan feasts on Chubutisaurus
Photo: FunkMonk (Michael B. H.) via License

Tyrannotitan likely occupied a top predator position in its ecosystem, playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the prehistoric food chain.

3D illustration with the dinosaur Tyrannotitan in the fog -
Photo: MR1805 via iStock

It is classified as a member of the group Allosauroidea, which includes a diverse array of theropod dinosaurs.

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