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Photo: Nobumichi Tamura via GettyImages

Phiomia in white background.

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Phiomia herd
Photo: Margret Flinsch via Wikipedia Public Domain

Phiomia herd.

Tusk of Phiomia on display
Photo: Ryan Somma via Wikipedia CC BY-SA 2.0

Tusk of Phiomia on display.

Phiomia artist impression
Photo: Gredinia via PrehistoricWikiFandom

Phiomia artist impression.

Phiomia's tusk
Photo: Phiomia’s tusk

Phiomia’s tusk.

Phiomia is an ancient elephant with distinct tusks and a trunk
Photo: Image via Dinopedia Fandom

Phiomia is an ancient elephant with distinct tusks and a trunk.

Phiomia charging
Photo: Image via ReadyGameSurvive

Phiomia charging.

Phiomia showing its specialized teeth
Photo: Image via DinopediaFandom

Phiomia showing its specialized teeth.

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